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 About me

Jason was born and raised in the Bay Area and has loved photography his whole life. He is inspired by nature, real estate and off-road adventure wherever opportunity presents itself. Photo and video are the only means we have to share and truly understand some of the places and events that surround us in the constant acceleration of life. It's easy to get stuck in the hamster wheel routine of commute, work, sleep, repeat; followed by laundry, sports and a beer on the weekends. As a photographer his goal is to share some of the wonder and beauty that he's been lucky enough to experience, and hopefully inspire others to get out and experience it for themselves.

Jason spent 5 years in the high desert of Flagstaff, AZ where he received his minor in Photography and reinforced his passion for the mountains as he hiked, camped, and dirt biked around the region meeting and connecting with all kinds of amazing people. He recently moved to Colorado to further his passion for photography and adventure, and looks forward to connecting and creating content with people who want to share their passion and experiences with the world. 

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